Namaste and Welcome

The culture of womyn gatherings has been going on for lifetimes, and when you gather with the womyn in your life on the new and full moon you join millions of other womyn around the world doing the same. It’s time to gather ourselves. Gatherings are held monthly on the Big Island, Hawaii.

Our Gatherings

The sisterhood of Lotus Moon Gathering honors and welcomes women in all stages of their journey- the Maiden, Mother, and Crone. We gather as women to celebrate life and living. We honor the cycles of our existence in many ways.


We honor our internal feminine moon cycles with Full Moon and New Moon(Red Tent) ceremonies. 


We honor the Rites of Passage of young girls through First Moon Ceremony


We honor our Celestial Moon cycles with sacred rituals, prayers, and dances.


We honor the cycles of our planet's seasons through sacred rituals, and family gatherings.


We honor marriages, handfasting, and births through rituals, blessings, and family gatherings.

Aloha and Blessed Be! I am a womyn that has a heart for adventure and celebration through ritual. My heart has a home in Cahersiveen Ireland and I am currently celebrating my life in Hawaii. I love to study the herstory of womyn and I enjoy watching the future of women rise before me. I am blessed to be a part of many sacred moments in women's lives such as births, handfasting, rites of passage, and much more. I am honored and grateful that you have found your way to Lotus Moon Gathering.


River Lotus is a  Priestess,  Doula, Contemplative therapist and Educator, Tantra teacher and   meditation guide. She has a passion for connecting women and girls of all ages to share wisdom, stories, and celebrate in ritual. River enjoys world travel and loves seeking out new adventures with her family.

The Moon Princess of Emne is a story of a young girls ritual passage into womanhood.

Rori celebrates the beginning of her moon cycle with the women on the famous Celtic Isle of Emne (The Island of Women).

This is a gentle story of celebrated womanhood and the rites of passage for a young girl